After years of waiting, the Portage Animal Welfare Society is elated to announce the cats in care have a new home.

Next door to the old shelter sits a new building that offers more opportunities for those felines that have yet to be adopted. Kalie Miles is the Director of Marketing and loves the new space.

"It's definitely incredible. We've been waiting a really long time to move the cats into this building and it's just such a nice environment to have them in here," says Miles. "There's so much more room for the cats to play and a lot more storage. It's just awesome to have them in here finally."

Behind the scenes, there is more room for volunteers and board members. Miles gave PortageOnline a tour showing how much more convenient this new building is compared to the old one. There is a prep room, a kitchen area, better facilities, and it's a lot brighter.

"Our old building only had one window and it was basically in one room," says Miles. "Our cats are definitely really enjoying having a lot more viewing areas to be able to look outside. It's a lot brighter in here. We've had a lot of volunteers say how nice it is to be in here and how clean it is. It's so much better to be in here with the cats and everything."

Miles says the shelter is not finished yet, but it's far enough along that they were able to move the cats over. PAWS thanks the entire community for supporting them all these years noting the new building would not have been possible otherwise.