Alzheimers Awareness month has almost ended, but the Alzheimers Society of Manitoba is still getting the word out to people in the area about their programs.

Jenn Harder is the North Central Regional Coordinator, and she said the biggest thing they want to get out is their campaign slogan for this year.

"This year's campaign is 'Support changes everything.' This message is aimed toward families that are living with dementia or cognitive changes, and we're wanting to communicate that the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba can be their first link to a community of support that's ready to help."

Harder notes that currently in the province, the number of residents living with these struggles is astoundingly high.

"Right now, there's over 19,000 Manitobans that have Alzheimers or another form of Dementia, and this is expected to grow rapidly to over 39,000 by the year 2050. So we want to make sure people know that we're here, and that we have services that can help."

Harder shares that they offer several services, such as counselling, support groups, and education sessions. 

To get in contact with the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba, you can call the Portage office at (204) 239-4898.