Claudia Verwey is proud of the students in her Grade 1-2 class after the Fort la Reine students did what they could to protect the Earth.

During Spring Beautification Days this month, the students headed out to pick up trash.

"We did it first thing in the morning and it was a beautiful day to be out cleaning the neighbourhood," says Verwey. "We ended up going on a field trip a couple days later, a walking field trip, and I noticed they were making an effort to pick up garbage on our walk, just because we had just done that big clean up. So, they were in the cleaning mood. They really like helping the Earth whenever they can."

Two kids cleaning.Emma and Davinity having fun cleaning up!

Grade 2 student Hailee Mulvey says everybody in the class was involved in the walk and they found lots of garbage like cigarettes and broken plastic. Other Grade 2 students Alice Sliworsky, Emilyn Bond Beaton, Peyton Taylor, and Grade 1 student Hope Lilley, all spoke positively of the walk that included Gigot Avenue.

"We went to Kitty Korral (Park) and we found some papers and cigarettes," says Taylor. "It looked dirty before and clean after."

All kids shared the same dislike of littering, saying that seeing lots of trash on their walks makes them sad. Sliworsky noted that there was some garbage that was too dangerous to pick up, along with lots of regular trash, too.

"I saw some glass, but I didn't pick it up," says Sliworsky. "I also saw some cans and I saw paper."

Emilyn, Peyton, Hailee, Hope, AliceEmilyn, Peyton, Hailee, Hope, Alice