Central Plains Cancer Services will hold its first-ever Createbook Workshop at Stride Place this Friday. Executive Director Sharilyn Knox says it's a way for people to create some inspiration.

"It's a way for survivors and patients to create a companion book, and it's an inspirational book that they put down their interests, their ideas, their curiosities, and even reflections on things that have happened to them," says Knox.

Knox says the event will be run by Createbook Facilitator Tracy Wood, who works within our region. The Createbook is used in the Kids Can Cope Camp, which she says saw a great response.

"We've had such great feedback from the children and the parents, that we knew it was something we wanted to open up to patients and survivors," Knox says.

Knox adds it's important for patients and survivors to have resources in their community like meaningful activities, and says they hope to seeing a lot of people interested in coming out to enjoy the day.

The event will be from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., including a lunch, for a $5.00 registration fee.

To sign up, you can contact the office, or by e-mail or phone which you can find on www.centralplainscancerservices.com