The municipality of North Norfolk continues to plan for whatever might get thrown their way.

Recently, the council was visited by Chris Hurley from the Manitoba Emergency Measures Organization. Reeve Ed Heppner says it's an important connection to make.

"He's the guy who helps us if we would have an emergency, like a flood, train wreck, or any other, God forbid, disaster," says Heppner. "He would help us in our emergency measures plan and process, that we need to do for our community."

Reeve Heppner says they also had a delegation from RF Now, in regards to keeping the community connected.

"That's the company who's installing the fiber lines for the Internet service for the rural municipality," says Heppner. "They're in their second year of contract now, so they'll be contacting a lot of the people who have not been hooked up. If they want to get hooked up, they can."

He adds community members who do not want to wait to be contacted can reach out to RF Now directly at 204-748-4812.

You can read the minutes of the meeting here.