The municipality of North Norfolk council continues to work on a drainage plan.

Reeve Ed Heppner says flooding is always on the mind of the council and the community.

"It's in its development stage to help prevent flooding in MacGregor," says Heppner. "We were working on a plan for a diversion around the town and so we're in the development stage of that, and hopefully, we can get that all designed this year."

Reeve Heppner believes the plan should have started earlier, but he is happy it is being worked on now. He says a creek goes through the town which can cause issues. He says, rather than trying to control the water going through town, it makes more sense to divert 60 per cent of the water -- or more -- around the town. He adds it is too early to predict a completion date.

"I don't know if we can get it started this year, but we want to have it designed, so that we can move forward to prevent flooding in town."

The municipality of North Norfolk met on March 8th. You can check the minutes here.