Grade 6 students at La Verendrye School (LVS) went head-to-head with self-built robots earlier this month.

In a workshop put on by First Peoples Development Inc. (FPDI), LVS students participated in ten classes focusing on basic coding using the Lego EV3 Mindstorm Robot kit.

The project was completed with the students constructing a sumo-battling robot utilizing what they learned during the two weeks.

Alan Patterson, Vice Principal, says La Verendrye was exhilarated to deliver such an innovative program.

"It's a fairly in-depth program that requires multiple hours a day for a couple of weeks, and the kids go through a structure of learning about computer software, moving robots and building robots."

File Photo.La Verendrye students going head to head with their Lego robots.

Although this installment was only for Grade 6s, the Vice Principal notes that FPDI may return to instruct their Grade 7 classrooms.

"I think if you talk to them, they would share the same idea about how much they loved working with our students."

Patterson, who has been working as an educator in Portage since 2001, outlines that the workshop ran from 9 a.m. until 12 p.m. every day from February 21st until March 3rd.

FPDI highlights that they hope during the two weeks, students experience team building, communication, problem-solving, creative expression, and learning, as well as the technical aspect of the program.