The Community Foundation of Portage and District has announced the organizations that will be receiving money through their Spring Grants.

Warren Neufeld, the foundation's Board Chair, says they took in an impressive number of requests this time around.

"We do this twice a year, Spring and Fall, and this year was no different than other years. There were more requests than we had anticipated, in terms of wants and needs and money. So, we had approximately $500,000 of requests for a lot of great projects, and then we ended up granting out just over $150,000 in support of 13 local organizations."

Neufeld adds some of the criteria the board looks at when making those decisions.

"We review a lot of great organizations, a lot of great requests. We're looking for a variety of things, we try to fund things where we can fund them fully, so organizations don't have a secondary requirement to top off funding. We also look for a wide variety of organizations. We're looking to touch as many corners of the community as we can. And any time we can fund a project or support an organization that amplifies that money, that's an added bonus."

The Community Foundation shared a post on Facebook announcing who was receiving funding this year.