The ice at Stride Place got a little more action last week with the Manitoba First Nations Police Service (MFNPS) facing off with community members from Sandy Bay.

Daylan Laramee, Corporal of the police service's Sandy Bay detachment, played in the game and says it was an enjoyable time.

"The game was really fun. It was a good community event, and I think it speaks volumes, not just to our service, but also the community of Sandy Bay. We have a good working relationship with the community," Laramee emphasized. "Being able to get out outside of work and being able to have a competitive but fun game with a lot of the individuals we see and deal with throughout the community, it was nice to see, and it was fun. I think everyone had a good time."

Laramee adds that many goals were scored over the course of the game, and they ended the game with a shootout. With no one keeping score, the game was more focused on engaging with the people they serve.

"It's good community engagement, not just at work, but doing things outside of work along with the community, because you get to see people, not in a working environment. You're just an everyday, regular person out there playing a sport with someone else. It's not where they see you at work in the uniform, they know your authority out there. It's a different kind of relationship you can bond with people over. That's what we strive to do with a lot of community engagement and community activities."

Laramee noted that this is not the only event they are doing, as they have a game coming up on June 8 on one of the diamonds at Republic Park.