Another Monday is upon us in Portage la Prairie, and Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) is preparing us for what is to come with a new work week.

Meteorologist Samantha Mauti says that she expects the cool temperatures to remain in place for the next several days before relief in the form of warmth arrives.

"We're continuing that colder-than-normal trend for the beginning and middle of this week. So, normal highs for Portage la Prairie for the end of March are around +4°. We're continuing to see those temperatures in the minus single digits for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. But the temperatures are improving for the end of the week, getting closer to normal."

She says that a Colorado low is tracking across the northern plains and moving into northwestern Ontario. However, Mauti explains that she only expects a little of that to impact us in Portage.

"It is bringing just a little bit of snow to southeastern parts of Manitoba, mainly for Tuesday during the day. So, there is a little bit of a risk of some snow through Portage, but I'm not expecting it to be very significant. Just a couple of centimetres, and in our forecast, it's just a chance of flurries. Otherwise, not much high-impact weather is expected for Portage."

While there won't be too much snow from the Colorado low, Mauti says to expect some gusty days from the system.

"We do see some winds from the north, 40 kilometres per hour gusting to about 60, maybe 70. So, as that little bit of snow is falling, you may see some reduced visibility as the snow is getting blown." 

Mauti notes that it looks like we will continue to see temperatures creep back into the positive range as we enter April.