Club Snow Inc. is responding to having their trails destroyed by vehicles not made for their trails.

In a post on Club Snow Inc.'s Facebook page earlier this week, they say a vehicle travelled over one of their groomed trails, causing deep ruts and other headaches for snowmobilers.

The trail which was mucked up is located just east of Days Inn.

Club Snow Inc.'s President Doug Atchison says this is highly disappointing.

"If you go on Snoman's website, there is a long list of different fines that can be charged to people for destroying signs, being on the trail without snow passes, having alcohol consumption. But there is, in fact, no fine for a car going down the groomed trail and not having common sense."

Atchison says that while this was frustrating, it isn't unexpected.

"We actually do have this happen pretty well every year somewhere where somebody doesn't realize it is a groomed trail or the odd time we suspect that somebody has maybe done it on purpose to keep us from going in that direction."

The President adds that landowners and the province have both agreed to allow the club to go down these field, so he doesn't understand why people are tearing up trails.

Club Snow has since groomed all trails and says that the trail, which was beaten up last week, is now ready for use again.