Street-cleaning efforts are underway, and their schedule has been virtually non-stop.

Superintendent of Public Works for the city of Portage la Prairie, Brian Taylor, says they've been working day and night to get main routes clear of debris from the winter.

"We've gotten through our priority roads once, so now we're into our routes" Taylor shares. "So, that will keep going for another three weeks or so, to get the town cleaned up. We're working night shifts with the sweeper. We're pretty much done with Saskatchewan Avenue, as far as cleaning the medians and walkways. We've done up to where the construction is going to start."

Taylor adds that they had gotten started on clearing the roads earlier, but weather held them back from completion at the time.

"We had our sweeper out a couple weeks ago, but then it got too cold, so we had to back off."

He also emphasized that the city is working to fix potholes as quickly as they can get to them. If you are noticing potholes that are not being dealt with, he says to phone the operations department and give them the location and they will get to it as soon as possible.

"We've got lots of them because of the funky weather we've been having with the up-and-down temperatures. I think every pothole in town has been fixed at least five times, or close to it. But we're working on it again."

To submit a request to the operations department, call (204) 239-8346 or submit your request online.