You might want to wait on putting away that winter parka.

Environment and Climate Change Canada says the nippy spring weather we have been experiencing is looking to stay in Portage la Prairie for a little longer.

Natalie Hasell, Warning Preparedness Meteorologist, illustrates that the cold streak we are under is due to the influence of an Arctic Ridge pushing cold air down from the north.

"We have conditions that lead to clear skies, which allow temperatures to fall further in the overnight period."

Hasell notes that we will see that trend continue for the next while, as a slight improvement temperature-wise is expected on Wednesday, with snow anticipated for Thursday.

"That system will see the passage of another cold front. So, we'll be back into well-below-normal conditions yet again Thursday night and then slowly improving but still below normal into next weekend."

The meteorologist says that looking into the week of April 4th - April 11th, data suggests that colder-than-normal temperatures continue.

"Eventually, we will get into warmer temperatures again," she continues. "Any snow you get with the system that goes through on Thursday could start to melt and refreeze, making road conditions particularly difficult."

Hasell adds that while we are seeing temperatures below average, no extremely cold weather is forecasted at the moment.

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