After four years, CFRY’s Radio Talent Nights made their return with the final event taking place in Notre Dame earlier this month. Jayde Jonasson is the activity and recreation manager at the Foyer Notre Dame and the organizer of the event. She says she's pleased with the turnout thanking the community for their generosity and participation. She extends her gratitude to the contestants who entered and generated over 20 unique and enjoyable performances. 

Over 5 thousand dollars was raised throughout the evening and Jonasson explains the funds will be used to support Seniors Services in the region, specifically at Foyer Notre Dame. She says the recreation program is pursuing upgrades to their Handivan, which is a 20-seat passenger van used five days per week and on the weekends for outings. The upgrades will enhance the comfort and safety of the vehicle for residents who travel throughout the province to events and destinations. Jonasson says they'll continue fundraising pursuits as their eventual goal is to purchase a second smaller vehicle to accommodate family outings and medical appointments. 

In addition to the performers, 103-year-old Martha Sala was a special guest for the evening. She came on stage to speak to the crowd and drew in an impressive number of 103-dollar pledges to celebrate her years. When asked to share her secret to achieving more than a century of living Sala quickly responded, "There is no secret!" and instead encouraged the crowd to live joyfully and try to not take life too seriously. Sala reflected on her days as a music teacher and commended all contestants for their efforts. 

Top Pledge winner: 

Michel Prejet

CFRY Most Promising talent: 

Michel Prejet

Four talent shows were held in February and March and more than $60,000 was raised for various causes. Plenty of interest has already been shown in hosting a show in 2025 and if you would like to know more, you can find out more by sending a message here.