The female Central Plains Capitals U15 and U18 programs are making their contribution to locals in need.

Both teams raised money for Central Plains Cancer Services and ended up donating a combined amount of $2,315 on Monday night. Head coach of the U15 Capitals, Ferdi Nelissen, outlines how the money was raised.

"The two teams had cancer care games. They did 50/50s, silent auctions, and had some different things going on," Nelissen explains. "Between the two games, they donated all of that toward cancer care."

The coach says this used to be something that was a league-wide initiative, but despite that no longer being the case, he adds most teams have taken it into their own hands and kept the cancer care games alive.

"They all bought jerseys under the same program, and almost every team in the U18 league held a cancer care game again this year. They've still got the jerseys they initially purchased. They are designed with different colours to match the uniforms, and they wear them for those games," Nelissen continues. "This year, the U15s and U18s got together when the managers spoke to each other and away we went."

Nelissen notes it's good to be able to set an example for these young girls. He says presenting the money they were able to generate put a smile on everyone's face.

"It's never too early for our players to learn that being a responsible young person means giving back to your community and people in need. When Sharilyn Knox showed up to receive the check, you could see that all of the girls were excited about it."

He adds this cause affected even more players than one might expect.

"When the girls were doing their videos to say who they were doing it for, you could see a lot of them are doing it maybe for someone else's family but most of them are doing it for someone close to them. It touches home, so I think it's real important. I think they all had a sense of how important it was."

The Central Plains Capitals organization hopes to continue hosting cancer care games for years to come.