PC Leader and current Manitoba Premier, Heather Stefanson, announced Thursday that former Official Opposition and Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) leader Candice Bergen would co-chair the upcoming Progressive Conservative (PC) Party of Manitoba election campaign.

Stefanson says the PCs are delighted to have Candice play an integral role in the campaign.

"With her passion and experience in bringing people together and uniting conservatives from all walks of life, Candice is a huge 'get' for our team," notes the Manitoba Premier.

Bergen, who announced months ago she would be stepping aside from her role as MP of Portage-Lisgar, says she has enthusiastically agreed to take on this position.

"I have seen first-hand in Ottawa the damage and division that NDP-Liberal politicians are doing to our country," continues Bergen. "I believe my friend, Heather Stefanson, and the PC Team is the best choice to lead Manitoba and continue fighting for you against punitive policies like the NDP-Liberal carbon tax, their inflationary spending and their soft-on-crime agenda."

Stefanson and Bergen have reportedly been friends for years and have spoken often over the past several months.

"Elections are won by working together, with a common purpose, for the betterment of all," says Bergen. "As campaign co-chair, my focus will be the same as it was while I was leader of the CPC, and that is to keep our PC Team strong and united and focused on fighting for Manitobans, not with each other. This is why we must stick together and work towards the same goal – a safer, more affordable future."

Before Bergen was elected as an MP in 2008, she served as former Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Manitoba campaign manager in 2004. 

The Manitoba general election is scheduled to take place later this year.