A former Portage Terrier team captain is proud of his transition to the NCAA. Logan Calder went out to Rhode Island for this season to continue his on-ice journey with the Salve Regina Seahawks. 

The Portager had an impressive season individually, scoring 12 goals and dishing out five assists.

"I've always liked scoring goals but I also played with some really good players this year that helped me get the puck on my stick," Calder explains. "I was kind of 'Jonny on the spot' for quite a few of those goals. All the credit goes to them. I couldn't have done it without those guys."

The Seahawks ended this season with a 14-9-1 record in the regular season but fell in their second playoff game 5-4 to the Endicott Gulls. Calder says what he'll remember most from this season was the interactions with his teammates and how the veterans showed him the ropes of the league.

With multiple seasons with Salve Regina still ahead, Calder outlines what he's most looking forward to over the next couple of years.

"Just growing from this year. I had a decent campaign, so just trying to grow from that and bring our team further throughout the league before we switch conferences is a huge goal for me," Calder continues. "Next season is our last season in this conference, and then we switch."

Calder says they will be playing in a conference with schools near the East Coast. He notes the bus rides may be longer but he's excited for that challenge to come in two years.

The 22-year-old is taking education at Salve Regina and says it's been the perfect opportunity to further his life while also maintaining involvement in his favourite pastime.

"It's great. The school here is really good. It was an easy choice to come here because I get to knock out two birds with one stone by continuing to play hockey every day and still getting an education."

With his brother Kian being the team captain of the Terriers this season, Calder says he's kept up with the Dogs all season and notes he's happy to see the success they're having.

"I've been keeping a lot of tabs on them and talking to (Kian) a lot about the season. After the unfortunate year they had, missing the playoffs last year, to see them doing this, it's great to see."

While he's very happy for the team and his brother, Calder is a little jealous that the Centennial Cup is coming to Portage in his first year out of Junior A hockey.

"I had the one (Centennial Cup experience with the Terriers) my first year when it was in Brooks. But having it at home like we were supposed to my second year, I'm kind of bitter that I didn't get to do that," says Calder. "I'm happy that Kian gets that opportunity to captain the hometown team in front of the home crowd at the Centennial."

Calder notes that he will fly back for the summer just a day after the Centennial Cup Tournament is set to begin and says he's excited to cheer on his brother and the rest of the Terriers' roster.