It's been a week since the east overpass of the Portage By-pass was closed, and it's going to stay that way.

The overpass was deemed unsafe, and traffic's been re-routed through the city.

Infrastructure and Transportation Assistant Deputy Minister Lance Vigfusson acknowledges they considered allowing light vehicles to use the overpass, but found problems -- they couldn't guarantee trucks wouldn't use it as well, while snow clearing equipment also posed a hazard.

An option allowing eastbound traffic to use the by-pass has been adopted. Vigfusson says those vehicles will be detoured before the overpass north on Angle Road one-way to Saskatchewan Avenue, where they'll continue east on the Trans Canada. Westbound traffic will still be routed through the city because Angle Road is too narrow for two large trucks to meet.

He feels this partly addresses concerns of businesses like the Day's Inn, which has seen a significant drop in traffic. Signage with directions to the Day's Inn will be set up along the detour route. It's unknown when the detour will be in place.

Vigfusson adds the other overpasses along the by-pass have been inspected and are in good shape.

Construction of a new overpass is expected to take a year. The design process is already under way, and demolition of the old overpass will be done simultaneously.