A woman from Brandon wanted the world to know about the over-the-top customer service provided to her by the Canadian Tire in Portage la Prairie on May 13th.

Samantha Campbell and her family were in the process of a big move out east and needed to pick up a large 40" kennel to move the dog safely. After not having success in the Wheat City, she saw the store in Portage had three on sale. Her sister-in-law lives in Portage and picked one up for her.

The next day, Campbell tried to put the kennel together, only to find out there was structural damage. She was unable to find a solution through the Brandon store, so out of desperation, she reached out to the Portage store, expecting to get a similar answer. Instead, she was put through to the manager on duty, General Manager Bhavin Patel, who was the one who helped her sister-in-law get the kennel in their vehicle in the first place. Campbell explained her situation, and how she was hoping to exchange it with one of the others in-stock, and Patel stepped up.

"He's like, 'I can bring it to you.' I said, 'Excuse me?' He's like, 'I'm coming that way, anyway, tomorrow, and I can sense the urgency in your voice. It is a very easy thing and I can bring it to you, tomorrow. I can deliver it to you if you give me your address.' I was just speechless," says Campbell. "I didn't even know what to say to him. I really didn't expect him to show up the next day."

Patel says any Portage Canadian Tire employee would have helped if they could. He notes the staff try and do what they can, when they can.

Patel had been planning to head to Brandon for the long weekend, but moved the trip up.

"When I got the call and when she explained the situation to me, it just clicked to me at that point, that I can change my plans," says Patel. "'I can go that weekend and let me bring the dog kennel for you, problem solved.'"

Dog in vehicleAspen wants to travel safely!

Campbell was blown away when the Patel family showed up.

"But, he did! His whole family did. I actually got to meet his wife and they came here and exchanged it. They were extremely polite, very nice human beings -- and it was his birthday, I later found out," says Campbell. "He is just an all-around incredible human being. He went out of his way to do something he absolutely did not need to do."

Patel didn't know Campbell would share the story online, adding he did this because he knew she was in a tough spot.

Bhavin PatelCanadian Tire General Manager Bhavin Patel

"With her situation, she mentioned she needed it right away. She was moving and she needed it in two days and she had no way to get it," says Patel. "The one thing I've learned with Canadian Tire, is we really focus on going out-of-the-box if needed. We may not have the resources every time, but when we do, we definitely try to go above and beyond to make sure that, in such situations where she had no other options, we'll definitely do all we can."

Campbell posted the story on Facebook and the community confirmed what Campbell learned that day: Bhavin Patel provides fantastic customer service. She hopes this story will inspire others to do the same, saying people who go above and beyond, deserve some recognition.

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