Those who use two wheels and no motor will be getting a bit of extra space as bike lanes have opened in Portage la Prairie.

Jocelyn Lequier-Jobin, Director of Operations for the City, says that while you have the green light to use the safe lanes, others are still under construction. She states that some lanes are still in rough shape, including signal poles in the way.

Despite the rare obstruction in these lanes, Lequier-Jobin is elated to see them getting used.

"Every time I go by and see people out on them, it's just great to see," notes Lequier-Jobin. "It helps the businesses for people to have better access as well. I know as someone who's lived in Portage for a long time, walking along the old gravel or trying to ride your bike along there was not very safe or comfortable, so it's just great to see people out there using it."

Along with the lanes, the City also installed some bike racks in the downtown area for those who want to check out some of the businesses, with more on the way. Lequier-Jobin recognizes that it can be tough for drivers to adjust to these lanes after going without them for so long.

Bike Rack.Bike Rack.

"Basically, it's the same as if there was a pedestrian," explains Lequier-Jobin. "The bikes and pedestrians have the right of way if there are no lights. They have to follow the lights the same as any car would but on streets where there are no lights. Cars need to yield to bikes and pedestrians."

She adds that construction should wrap up for all the bike lanes by the fall, allowing at least a couple weeks of perfect lanes for bikers.