Are you prepared for an emergency?  

Portage la Prairie Director of Public Safety and Fire Chief Brad Bailey says Emergency Preparedness Week runs from May 7th to the 13th. He notes it's an initiative from Public Safety Canada, as well as Manitoba Emergency Management Organization.

"This year's national theme is 'Be Prepared and Know Your Risks,'" says Bailey. "So, we take the opportunity this week just to remind residents that disasters can happen at any time."

He says they're putting out several public service announcements on social media. 

"We do offer a Portage la Prairie Emergency Quick Reference Response Guide," notes Bailey. "Response Guides can be picked up at the Fire Hall, City Hall, and the Library. You can find it on the City of Portage's website under public safety. There is a quick link to the Citizens Emergency Quick Reference Guide and offers a lot of information that gives people the basic knowledge on what to do in any kind of event that comes up."


Bailey says disasters can affect everyone. Our region is susceptible to several forms of disasters and has experienced many in the past, including blizzards, tornadoes, thunderstorms, flooding, hail, and hazardous materials incidents.

"All create disasters or hazards that can affect numerous people within the community," continues Bailey. "We want to be prepared for these extreme weather conditions and any hazardous material instances."

How to prepare for an emergency.