The MacGregor Collegiate varsity boys basketball team is back in action after basically three years away from the court.

Head coach Myron Friesen says, considering many of these players never even had the chance to play junior varsity basketball, they've had a solid start to the year.

"Last year, we weren't able to field a team because of the vaccination rules and stuff like that, which was unfortunate because I think we would have been really good," Friesen explains. "For a lot of these guys, this is really the beginning. They're starting from the ground up."

Through three games this season, the MacGregor Mustangs are 1-2 with their losses being fairly competitive. 

The squad also hosted a home tournament this past weekend, where they lost their first match but went on to win the next three en route to the consolation championship. Friesen says he feels like they will improve as the season goes along.

"I'm cautiously optimistic about my guys. I think they're very athletic, and this is probably one of the fastest teams I've ever had," Friesen continues. "They're good kids that listen, and I think they're pretty smart. They're picking things up well."

Friesen talks about their style of play.

"We try to play really good and hard-nosed defence. I like to press a bit and run the fast break when we can," says Friesen. "I want to utilize the athleticism I have to cover up some of the shortcomings I have in other areas."

The head coach says he's thrilled to be on the sideline once again as he's very passionate about the game of basketball. The Mustangs will be back in action on Monday as they travel to Carberry to take on the Cougars.