Author: Ardin Masson

As part of the community's Canada Day celebrations, the Town of Clearwater will be holding their 55th Annual Ball Tournament this Saturday.

The ball tournament's entry secretary, Jackie Johnson, says there are 63 teams registered to compete in a variety of categories such as both boys and girls minor ball, men's hardball and liniment league mixed softball.

Johnson adds that there is not a team entry fee, but rather players, coaches and spectators all pay a gate fee which varies with age. Admission for adults is $5.00, cost for children ages 9-15 is $3.00, while those 8 and under are free.

The one day event is the product of much hard work put in by the entire community from youth to senior citizens and in fact, today is their work day, in which all the required preparations to the ball diamonds are made, among others.

The tournament is so widely renowned that entries come from Winnipeg and the United States as well many other areas to take part. All entered teams are guaranteed a minimum of 2 games, and cash prizes will be paid out to winning clubs.