Everyone at ARC Industries is happy to be back at their building after a fire last May forced them to temporarily move.

It took some time, but after some renovations, the 16 staff and 29 participants were back at 1675 Saskatchewan Ave West on February 1st.

Executive Director Tara Ryzner says they were grateful to receive some help from some neighbours.

"We were off for about a month, and in July, we had went around and asked people for rental spaces," says Ryzner. "We were across the road at the Highway Pentecostal Church. They rented us two office rooms upstairs in their upper level and then the common area we shared for all the guys to be at."

Ryzner arrived to work on May 30th last year only to find that a fire had started in one of the offices. Thankfully, crews were able to save the building and the actual structure itself was stable. After months of work, the group is happy to back on a single floor. Ryzner says it feels like a new building and being so close to the participants allows her to take part in the happiness and laughter.

"It is fabulous. It's bright," says Ryzner. "(We have) new walls, new flooring, new tables, chairs, everything's new. At least, all up front, because that's what got hit the most."