Airport officials agree the province's latest operational grants are a big help.

The treasurer of Lundar's Flying Club says they only have a few sources of funding to keep the airport operational. 


That's why Harold Backman is appreciative of the latest batch of provincial grants which saw 12 hundred dollars go to the Lundar airport.  It was part of an over 76 thousand dollar initiative provided to 33 municipal airports.  Backman notes the funding will help in operational costs and also ease his group's move into a new clubhouse. 


To the treasurer of the Carman Airport Commission, the grant also plays a big role.  Ian Mckinnon was also provided 12 hundred dollars, and says it'll be used to cover the maintenance costs of their grass strip and snow removal during the winter. 


Mckinnon adds it's completely possible the airport couldn't be kept operational year round without the province's support.