We're nearing the end of February and you may wonder what weather March will bring. 

We caught up with Terri Lang, a meteorologist for Environment and Climate Change Canada. She says we still have quite a bit of winter ahead of us. 

"Well, we know that it can spill into May, so I wouldn't be surprised how not to get snow through March," says Lang. "We usually see more of a mix of rain or snow in April, but we also know that April can bring some of the heaviest snowfalls."

The meteorologist notes that there is still a decently sized margin for what types of temperatures we have seen. 

"We know that 30-year averages for this time of year are around minus 6. For highs and overnight lows around 9 of 16, we also know by looking at the records that we can get temperatures anywhere near the 10-degree mark and overnight lows around, you know, down to minus 37 or so. That's almost a 50-degree spread possible at this time of year."

As far as this upcoming week, we can expect temperatures to fluctuate.

"When we're coming just into the month, we start a little bit on the warmer side this week as the weather system brings a little bit of snow and cloud and the cloud that connects like a little blanket, but in behind, we're getting some colder air pushing down from the Arctic."

Lang wants you to be prepared when you are heading out and about. 

"Of course, driving conditions, making sure you check on the highway conditions and the weather forecast before heading out and to your destination."

You can always keep up to date on the road reports here. Find more on the full five-day weather forecast on our weather page.