Pipeline Foods is investing in the Prairie organic grains sector.

The U.S. based company is licensed and bonded through the Canadian Grain Commission and has bought organic elevator facilities in Gull Lake and Wapella, Saskatchewan.

Jason Charles, Pipeline’s Marketing Director for North American Organics says they're interested in a variety of crops.

"Pipeline foods daily buys everything from organic feed rates, milling rates, organic flax, malt barley, all classes of wheat including soft white, hard red spring, hard white organic durum, feed barley, feed wheat, and all varieties of posts too, to include yellow and green peas, chick peas, and lentils."

Pipeline Foods specializes in a wide range of services throughout the supply chain, making it the first company positioned to support both farmers and food companies in a more holistic, transparent way.

Pipeline Food has offices in Winnipeg, Minneapolis, St. Louis, and Buenos Aires, Argentina.