The Saskatchewan Avenue West project has been moving ahead and while the weather this year has led to delays, the City of Portage la Prairie says it shouldn’t impact the expected completion date.

Transportation Committee chair Ryan Espey spoke on the progress being made at July 11th’s City Council meeting and says the water and sewer renewals are slated to be completed by this coming fall. He notes he’s not particularly worried about meeting the set deadline.

“There's no issue with us moving forward and meeting our scheduled completion,” explains Espey. “At worst, this will be a couple of weeks that the project is pushed back and we can make that time up.”

He adds the land drainage work that’s been underway to drain water into Crescent Lake will continue to be worked on throughout this summer and fall. He mentions, that while the weather will hopefully cooperate, it’s impossible to know for sure what’s on the horizon.

“Some unforeseen things could happen,” notes Espey. “We could have another winter like last year where it may give us delays or we could have a really mild winter where it allows the project to continue later into the year before being shut down and then start earlier in the spring.”

The entire rejuvenation project is still scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2024.