The 150th Portage Ex is now in the history books, and Portage Industrial Exhibition Association general manager Heather Greenlay says she's glad to say it went well.

Greenlay shares her thoughts on finally being able to have the event after the pandemic shutdowns

"We don't have our numbers in yet, but the gate numbers were good," says Greenlay. "Everyone that was here seemed to have a good time and it's good to be back after three years."

Heather GreenlayHeather Greenlay

She notes her job is spent in the office during the event, but anybody to whom she was able to talk said they had a great time.

"They're happy to be back, the entertainment was great, the horse shows, the cattle shows went well, and the midway was packed," continues Greenlay. "So, I think it was pretty good all the way around. The domestics inside the MNP building went well."

Greenlay says they're really pulling out the stops next year to celebrate their 150th fair, although this was technically the 150th. Due to a waiting period to know whether the province would allow outdoor events such as this to go forward this summer due to COVID-19 restriction issues, they were not able to plan as large as they wanted to for the 150th this year.

"There were lots of people, the people were happy to be after to be back after two years of no fair," adds Greenlay. "I thank the volunteers and everybody that came out and my help here in the office.  I think it was really good."

Getting everything ready to truck awayGetting everything ready to truck away