If you're driving past MacGregor on Highway Number One, you might notice a new addition on the tree line. Thanks to the MacGregor and District Chamber of Commerce, The North Norfolk Foundation, and Kaldeck Truck and Trailer. The collaboration between these organizations provides a new opportunity to show off what they're doing.

President of the Chamber of Commerce Russell Doerksen, expresses gratitude to the groups.

"Keith McLean from Kaldeck Truck and Trailers, he really ran with that," Doerksen shares. "This project was his baby, and he had been working on that tirelessly for years. I'd also love to say a big thank you to the North Norfolk Foundation, who graciously donated a lot of the funds that are going toward paying for the sign. Without them, this would be a project that would be years longer in the making and they just they made it their own. I can't say thank you enough for them."

Doerksen goes on to say that McLean, being a business leader in MacGregor, felt passionate about replacing the dilapidated sign while providing a venue for advertising community events. The section of the sign that houses the town's message "A Thriving Community Full of Opportunities" can be removed and replaced with a marquee, with the purpose of informing passersby of local events. He specified the Bull Bash, Family Fun Day and the collection of Christmas activities as examples. 

The President also thanked the local Youth for Christ chapter, for donating mobile sign. The previous sign, located at the end of Hampton St., was "blown to smithereens" by a wind storm. He also noted that they are currently looking for tenders to build a new bulletin board outside the post office.

Doerksen encouraged any residents of MacGregor to reach out with ideas to improve the community. The contact information for the Chamber is listed below.





(204) 856-6313