Are you looking for an immediate de-stresser at your place of work?

St. John Ambulance has launched a new sponsorship initiative where you can have a therapy dog brought into your workplace to help boost morale.

Kennedy Guy, and her dog Nevaeh, are volunteers in the program.

"Businesses in my surrounding area of Portage and rural, can actually sponsor me and my dog," says Guy. "It goes toward St. John Ambulance, and what they get with that is, an hour visit once a week, for a month."

When she heard about the program, Guy says she immediately jumped on board.

"Mental health in the workplace, a lot of that doesn't get talked about a whole lot," says Guy. "What St. John Ambulance is trying to do, which is wonderful, is they've always concentrated on youth and seniors, and they've never had a market for that in-between [age]. This is their way of concentrating on this as well, too, so it's a new program, and it's wonderful."

Guy says she has always enjoyed helping people, and this program was a perfect fit for her.

"I've always had a soft spot for volunteering. I've volunteered my whole life, and I love doing things with my dog," says Guy. "It's very special to me. The reason I wanted to do this, is because I really agree with the program and what they're trying to accomplish and I just wanted to help out."

St. John Ambulance will soon be releasing a catalogue with more information. Kennedy and Nevaeh will be appearing on the cover.