The Portage Terriers have announced their season schedule for the upcoming year on their social media. 

The team kicks off the season with a back-to-back against the Neepawa Titans on September 20 and 21, playing the Saturday night in Neepawa, and on Sunday back in Portage.

For the first time since the COVID-19 Pandemic, the league has handed the schedule-creation responsibilities back to the teams. 

Commissioner Kevin Saurette shared why that change was made.

"Sometime when the league office does it, some teams might not be perfectly happy with their schedule. There's different reasoning and different ways that it's not perfect for team. So, I think with this, instead of being upset with the league, the onus is back on the teams."

Saurette also shared the process for how the schedule was made this year as opposed to the past few seasons.

"They're able to see which dates are available. We have an internal program that updates in real time, so all the teams can see each other's schedule, their available home dates, and how many games left they have to book against each team," Saurette continues. "It was just a way so there could be no complaints. If a team doesn't like their schedule, then that's on them."

You will be able to listen to live coverage of Portage Terrier games when the season begins again on CFRY.