Recently it was discovered by customers of Taste of Spice, a local Indian, Canadian, and Indo-Fusion Cuisine restaurant, that their brand was appropriated for the purpose of scamming. The fake website has all the correct information about the real business, including their name, address and menu. However, when the victim pays for a placed order, they will receive nothing in return. 

When the owner and CEO of Taste of Spice, Arishya Aggarawal, was made aware of the situation, she felt frustrated.

"I think it's very disappointing," Aggarawal shares. "There are a lot of hard-working people who are putting their heart and soul into their business and it's just disappointing to see people using it for the wrong reasons and appropriating that information just to scam people."

She went on to explain the first steps in trying to take the fake website down.

"First, we contacted the RCMP. We left a message saying what is going on. We also decided to post about it on social media platforms, just letting people know, 'Be careful that this is out there'. We don't want anyone to get scammed with their money, so just be careful to use the right website for the online orders. 

Aggarawal also stated that they have determined the scammer to be coming from British Columbia, as well as other information, which they passed off to the authorities.

The fake website is currently still up and running. Below are links to both websites.





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