The process to decommission the old Carman Water Treatment Plant will begin shortly. 

It's been over a week since the 60 year-old facility went offline and the Pembina Valley Water Co-op began servicing the community.

"We switched over to the new water reservoir around Noon last Wednesday, and we took the old plant out of service the same day, said Darcy Hayward, utilities manager for the Town of Carman.

As he understands, tenders will soon go out seeking firms to dismantle the various elements of the plant.

"It's looking like the plant itself will be in August or September of this year, the tower might be a couple of months later for it to be decommissioned and taken down," explained Hayward, adding the Town opted to tear down the water tower after costs to maintain the structure, built in 1908, came in too high. "(As well), the lot will be dug up a bit because there's an underground reservoir there as well, so that'll be dug out and filled in and then some of the main lines coming off the existing plant will have to be dug up and capped."

While he isn't sure if the Town has any plans for the old plant property, located in Carman's downtown, Hayward says for now, it will be resurfaced and function as overflow parking for the area.