Super Bowl LVIII is here, and whether you're a football fan or not, you have probably heard some talk about the big game in Las Vegas, Nevada, Sunday evening.

The storylines are endless, from Taylor Swift making the trip from Toyko in her private jet to her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, potentially cementing himself as one of, if not the greatest tight end in NFL history. Will Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid celebrate with another burger this time around, or will Mr. Irrelevant, Brock Purdy, and his game-changing running back Christian McCaffrey raise the Vince Lombardi Trophy for the San Francisco 49ers?

PortageOnline took to Portage Collegiate Institute (PCI) to hear from a few staff and students about North America's biggest sporting event.

Grade 11 student, Samuel, a PCI Trojan safety, says he is biasedly taking San Francisco.

file photoGrade PCI 11 student, Samuel.

"San Fran has a lot of talent, so I think they will pull it off. Their offence is good, but I think their defence is actually underrated. And against Kansas City, who's thrown so many picks in the regular season, I think the defence for the 49ers will pull through."

Samuel predicted a 24-17 win for the 49ers.

Vice principal Darin Arnold says he has no skin in the game and is just hoping for a good match-up.

"It would be awesome to see Kansas City win, right? Because then that's a dynasty for the Chiefs, and there hasn't been a big dynasty since New England did it ten years ago; that's always cool to see. San Francisco's quarterback, Brock Purdy, was the last pick in the draft, so you always root for the underdog. I think there are interesting storylines either way you go."

file photoPCI Vice principal Darin Arnold.

Regarding the T Swift headlines, Arnold says he won't be engaged in the sideshow.

"I don't listen to Taylor," he laughed. "The NFL has done a great job marketing Taylor Swift and getting a lot of exposure from her fan base, so you can't blame them for chasing the money when the opportunity is there, but it's nothing I pay attention to."

Grade 12 student and former Trojan wide receiver Nathan, weighed in on the Super Bowl before returning to class.

"I think the 49ers got the bag. I don't like Taylor Swift." 

file photoGrade 12 PCI student, Nathan.

Nathan predicted a 24-19 win for the 49ers, noting his family will probably grab a few slices of pizza for the game.

Mike Hoekstra, equipment manager for the Trojans football program and teacher at the school, told PortageOnline he doesn't care who wins as he is still bitter about his Detroit Lions losing to the 49ers a few weeks back.

file photoMike Hoekstra, equipment manager for the Trojans football team and teacher at PCI.

"If I had to pick a winner, I'd go for the Chiefs because I am a podcast listener, and I listen to Travis and Jason Kelce's podcast, of course. So, I'll pick them. I'll go for the Chiefs, and I'm going to watch it."

When told that his vice principal, Arnold, had said Kansas City would be a dynasty franchise if they won on Sunday, Hoekstra quickly brushed that aside.

"I grew up with the Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers. That's dynasties. This isn't quite a dynasty yet, but we'll see. If they win a couple more, we'll put the d-word in there, but for now, I'm not using the d-word on Kansas City just yet."

Hoekstra also couldn't believe that some people weren't too fond of the Taylor Swift headlines.

"How many people say they don't like Taylor Swift," questioned the educator. "I'm 59, so I don't care, but my kids listen to Taylor Swift, and I will watch the NORAD tracker. They're apparently going to be tracking her plane, and I'm going to check that out to see if she makes it from Toyko on time."

Brendon Brydges, head coach of the Trojans football program and a teacher at the school, says that he is picking Kansas City to win, but if he had it his way, he would want to see San Fran take home the championship.

"Patrick Mahomes is just going to find a way to do it. He always seems to. I would like to see San Francisco win, but I don't think it's in the cards this year."

file photoBrendon Brydges, head coach of the Trojans football program and a teacher at PCI.

Brydges says he has watched the last 15 Super Bowls, and this year is no different. Although he will be watching at home with his family, in years past, he has watched at parties dedicated to the game.

"Just seeing the best teams go head-to-head is always great!"

He adds that his kid's favourite Taylor Swift song is "Shake It Off, " which is precisely what the 49ers will try to do to the Chiefs when the game kicks off. 

"I just hope she doesn't take away from the game. But the two teams speak for themselves, and they will bring enough eyes to the TV just to watch them play. "

The coach notes that the big game does start to stir some excitement for the next season of Trojans football, with a start on a new season set for September.

"It really gets the juices flowing over the winter here, which gets us through winter a little bit and gets us talking football a little bit more."

The biggest game of the NFL season will take place at Allegiant Stadium, located off the Vegas strip starting at 5:30 p.m. CST Sunday.