The Herman Prior Activity Centre held its second annual Car Hop fundraiser, and it was filled with people having a good time with hot food and hot rods.

Edith Furdievich, chairperson of the board for the centre, says she enjoyed being able to take a little trip down memory lane with the event. She goes into detail on the fundraiser and how it looked.

“We would go out to your car, take your order, get you hamburgers, chips, and a drink,” explains Furdievich. “We don’t have those nice carry trays that the carhops used to have, but we did have the Vintage Cruisers Car Club here.”

She says they had a really neat lineup of cars at the fundraiser, which is looking to help the cost of building offices in the back of the auditorium. She notes in order to do that they need more money than they’ve been given.

“We need to get the construction done and we do have some grant money, but not enough to cover everything,” explains Furdievich. “That's what we're fundraising for, then we'll be able to rent those back offices out.”

She adds the turnout for this year was much more than they had originally anticipated, as they were contemplating buying more burgers to keep everyone fed. She says while a little stressful, it’s certainly a nice problem to have.

“It's very nice when it's looking like we're having more people than we anticipated. We went with last year's numbers to figure out what to plan for,” notes Furdievich. “All of the Car Hop people were just running around and the people in the kitchen were busy getting the burgers put together.”

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