The Ask Auntie program in Portage la Prairie is hoping to partner with more people like the cyclist who's going across the country to raise money.

The Portage la Prairie Community Revitalization Corporation (PCRC), will be coordinating the new initiative, focusing on homelessness, mental health issues, and more when it comes to needing support in the city.

Robbie Longclaws, Portage's auntie with the program, says partnering with people like Rylee Nepinak is important because their goals are very similar. She goes into detail on why she's personally connected with Nepinak's goal.

uring out what I need to be doing with the program," notes Longclaws. "I'm hoping to have things up and running towards the end of September."

She explains the significance behind the Ask Auntie name is based on Indigenous culture. She says if you don't have a mother or grandmother to seek guidance from, you would seek out your auntie.

Longclaws would like to add that anyone can ask for help from the Ask Auntie program. To learn more about the program and the PCRC, click here.