It was a great day to get outside yesterday, and the second annual Ride For the Boys event saw many locals take advantage. Snowmobilers from around the area gathered at the MNP building yesterday morning as they hit the trails for a great cause. 

Chairperson of the event, Robin Bailey, says this was pledged ride where each participant raised a minimum of $200 for Central Plains Cancer Services.

"The idea stemmed from Sharilyn Knox, the Central Plains Cancer Services executive director, and I travelling to a wedding. We just started talking on our way there and came up with this idea," Bailey explains. "The Pink Ladies have a ride for breast cancer, which is a phenomenal event but there wasn't one for men. So, we thought we would have a men's ride."

Bailey says all the funds raised by the ride will go specifically to men's cancer care. She notes the three participants that raised the most money won a snowmobiling suit.

The chairperson adds they've received a ton of support in the past, and while she hasn't calculated the grand total from this rendition of the event, Bailey hopes they continue on their current trend.

"We had our very first ride in 2019, with just four of us on the committee, and we raised over $35,000. Then we had COVID," Bailey continues. "So, our ride in 2021 was cancelled. Last year we came up with the idea to raffle off a Side-by-Side. Again, we raised over $35,000 for Central Plains Cancer Services. So, it's kind of like we've started over again but here we are."

Bailey says it's wonderful to know all their hard-work is helping out a great cause, however, she says they did add a few more girls to their committee this time around.

Bailey thanks all of their sponsors who helped them be able to put this together, and she hopes they can continue this fundraiser for years to come.