The RCMP in Portage are hoping to get more people interested in keeping the community safe.

Inspector Paul Peddle says the Citizens on Patrol Program (COPP) in Portage could use more volunteers to keep an eye out.

"We're desperately looking for some new people to step up and become a part of the COPP group," says Peddle. "It's such a wonderful organization and I just want to put it out there, that during my career, I've been posted to eight different places, and I've worked with many great organizations, but I really have to say, that this organization, COPP here in Portage, is up there at the top of the list."

Earlier this week, COPP told us they have seen their numbers dwindle during the pandemic. Inspector Peddle says COPP provides a valuable service.

"They do such wonderful work for us here at the RCMP, and I can't tell you the time that they save us in patrolling the community, and keeping an eye on properties in the area," says Peddle. "It helps free up our members to be out there to respond to serious matters that are happening in the community."

A workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, April 12th, at Stride Place from 6 to 8 p.m. that will focus on crime prevention. Representatives from the City, RM, COPP, and community vendors will be on hand. Inspector Peddle says people can ask questions and share concerns with the RCMP. There is no charge to attend and everyone is invited.