Manitobans took to the Saskatchewan border to protest the increase in the carbon tax on Monday.

At the provincial border, along the Trans-Canada Highway, you could find Randall from Brandon, who says the jump of $15 per tonne on April 1 frustrated many.

"It looks like the people of Canada, in this particular area of the country, are kind of fed up with the carbon tax that has been implemented on us for the last few years."

Randall, who is taking part in the 'Nationwide Protest Against Carbon Tax,' says while he wasn't an organizer, he does believe the protests were set at the border due to people in cities complaining about the 2022 trucker convoy clogging up city streets.

"This is something new and innovative and intriguing."

When PortageOnline asked him if he had anything else to add. The man replied, "Axe the tax, Axe the tax."

Protests started at 8 a.m., across the country and there is no official end time.

Many provinces are set to provide citizens with a quarterly rebate to help offset the tax cost.