You might have been concerned about a recent weather statement spread around town over the weekend.

Stephen Berg is a meteorologist with Environment Canada. He informs us that the news about a severe system hitting the prairies won't affect Portage much.

"It looks like it might just be showers for the Portage area and Morden. However, Southwestern Manitoba might see a risk of a thunderstorm this evening; maybe late afternoon into the evening hours. Then it should be just largely showers for here on in. It looks pretty breezy though, getting some winds of with gusts up to about 60 kilometres per hour, but just basically, showers and the risk of a thunderstorm for the southwest. But just showers for Portage." 

He explains Saskatchewan will be hit substantially, especially in the southwestern part and into southeastern Alberta, where there will be quite a bit of rain and wind Monday and Tuesday. 

"It's hard to say anything later beyond this system. It looks like a very slow-moving system, but I think by mid-week things should slowly clear out for southern Manitoba. It might take longer in Saskatchewan and Alberta, as this low recedes off to the southeast. For the most part, it will be today and tomorrow, maybe into Wednesday for parts of southern Manitoba for chances of rain."