Following in the footsteps of a Mahatma Gandhi quote, Portage la Prairie's Lindsay Reuben-Sheikh is attempting to be the change she wants to see in the world by presenting residents with an alternative way to get around the city.

Reuben-Sheikh started Peggy's Cab Co. with the intention of offering those who take cabs/shuttles the prospect of having a strictly female driver.

"It's definitely not limited and molecular to our region or city, but there have been reports of physical assault, harassment, derogatory comments, and locking women in. It's just created this environment that doesn't really seem safe for the driver or the occupants of the vehicle," explains Reuben-Sheikh.

The 34-year-old entrepreneur knows a lot of great male cab drivers, but hearing of these incidents where people feel uncomfortable sparked the idea for her to offer the female-based driving service.

"I wanted to try and do something different and kind of help protect my community. Portage is a town that has drastically changed from when I was a teenager," adds Reuben-Sheikh.

A huge part of Peggy's Cab Co. is making everyone who rides with her feel like a friend, according to the Portager.

"I could walk down the street at 10:30 at night when I was a teenager and not worry about it. And now, at 34, I'd have questions about it."

Reuben-Sheikh has seen her business come into the spotlight on a provincial level for good and bad since starting, with mixed emotions about the idea being brought up. However, she hopes that people understand that Peggy's Cab Co. is just looking to give everyone an option they feel comfortable with.

"If you would feel more safe driving with a woman, then the option should be there just as much as if you were wanting to drive with a man."

Reuben-Sheikh highlights that she has acquired a good group of patrons to drive around, noting that offering this service to her hometown is rewarding.

"I've had people contact me from Winnipeg that are interested in branching out and creating an alternative for university students and vulnerable sectors there."

As for 'Peggy' in the company's title, Reuben-Sheikh details that she was given that name by a former co-worker due to her hair and attitude resembling the character 'Peggy Bundy' from the classic sitcom Married... with Children.

"My family doesn't even call me by my real name anymore," she says with a smile. "Katie Segal owned that character. She was just so real, and whenever I have anyone drive with me, I want them to know that it's authentic. It's a person-to-person experience. It's designed to be compassionate, fair, honest and inclusive."

Reuben-Sheikh, who has been operating the ride service for the last four weeks, adds that her ultimate goal with Peggy's Cab Co. is to bring back just a little bit of that small-town feeling from her childhood with this venture.