Portage's own McDonalds held it's annual McHappy Day fundraiser this week. With 10 per cent of every purchase made going to the Ronald McDonald House and other local charities.

Portage RCMP officers and Firefighters were in attendance at the event to collect donations and take photos with anyone attending. 
The owner of the Portage McDonald's, Kelsey Filion Drozduk, was very thankful and proud of the community coming together for the good cause. 

"Turnout was amazing." Kelsey notes, "We even had the mayor here with us, lots of people volunteering for this amazing cause, and we are very grateful."

Our McDonalds here in Portage was able to raise $6,370.25 with the location in Neepawa bringing in $2,530.73, making the total earned to a whopping $8,900.98!
Mayor Sharilyn Knox was at the event helping with fundraising and greeting everyone who visited. 

"It's Portage La Prairie. We always get behind things like this." Knox explains, "I think Ronald McDonald House is important to so many people. I know people in this community that have used the services. It is great. Whatever we can do to raise more money for it is fantastic!"