It's a tough month for the Portage Mall. Wal-mart is moving to its new location shortly, while Safeway's announced its store will close February 3rd.

There's been speculation about the mall's future, but speaking for owners Collier, Pratt, McGarry, Manager Lynn Jonasson says they're committed to stay in Portage.

At the same time, she acknowledges the Safeway closure was a shock to tenants, and they're waiting to see what happens next. Jonasson credits them with understanding, patience, and confidence of a positive outcome.

Jonasson adds Collier, Pratt, McGarry could announce a replacement for Wal-mart by January 31st, while they've begun work on getting a tenant for the Safeway store. She notes recruitment for the entire mall is ongoing, and believes it'll be easier with the development in the area.

Jonasson expects some re-development of the mall, but stresses it'll remain an indoor facility.