June 14th saw the Portage la Prairie School Division hold a board meeting and go over a variety of topics, including:    

  • Ten new teachers being hired within the division.   
  • By-Law No. 281 being passed, allowing the Portage la Prairie School Division, if necessary, to borrow $5,000,000.00 for the purpose of meeting expenditures for next school year, if necessary. 
  • A Pride Walk taking place on June 15th within every school in the division. 
  • End of School Year Field Trips and Activities are coming up; send your children accordingly. 
  • Todd Cuddington giving his Superintendents report, which went over Pride Month, last week's Anti-Racism Week and Indigenous Peoples' Day coming up on June 21st. 
  • And Laura Hordeski receiving an "Excellence in Education Award" Award for her work as a kindergarten teacher at Ecole Crescentview School. 

Tracy Vanstone, the principal of Ecole Crescentview School, spoke about Hordeski and the work she has put in. 

"It is very important that we take time to acknowledge the strong work that our teachers do. And it's about time someone spent some time to acknowledge the work Laura Hordeski does, because it's outstanding, it's phenomenal." 

Vanstone continued her praise for Hordeski.

"She is one of the most outstanding teachers I've ever seen in the 25 years of my teaching career and ten years as a school leader. She's a teacher who our local graduates come back to take pictures with every single year. Even though she was their first teacher, she's the one that the graduates seek out. She's the reason the French Immersion Program is so popular in Portage la Prairie."

The last board meeting of the school year will take place on June 28th.