There is a number of sewer breaks in the City of Portage la Prairie right now and according to the city's director of operations, Jocelyn Lequier-Jobin, this is due to the weather we have experienced throughout the last number of years. 

"The dry conditions we had through the last couple years and then suddenly we've had several storm events that have brought the water table up quite quickly, causes a lot of our pipes to shift around, especially the ones that are not in the best condition," explains Lequier-Jobin "So, as a result of that, we currently have two water breaks that we're working on and two sewer breaks on Lorne. One is just West of Tupper (Street) and the other one right at Royal Road."

Lequier-Jobin outlines that these water breaks have caused material under the road to get washed away and a break in the pavements surface causing some sinkholes. 

As for when these issues will be fixed? Well, the director of operations notes that they are aiming for the breaks to be fixed by the end of this week if the weather cooperates, but it is more than likely the city work will continue into the weekend. 

Lequier-Jobin notes that the water table is giving Portage a little extra work this year, but we are not the only ones. 

"I think a lot of cities are having very similar issues, so we're not alone, that's for sure."

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