Groundhog Day is here, which means the rodents were all over North America predicting whether six more weeks of winter are coming, or if spring will be starting up early.

While many groundhogs around the country have given their predictions (including Manitoba Merv), Portage has its own special friend to tell us what to expect: Portage la Prairie Larry.

Randy Lilley created the Portage phenomenon as he loves the pseudo-holiday. He is excited to announce that there will be an early spring on the way for the City of Possibilities, which conflicts with Merv, who claims the winter will be sticking around. Due to the ice fog, Larry couldn't see his own shadow.

"It sounds like it's going to be winter for six more weeks everywhere but Portage La Prairie," notes Lilley.

He adds he's excited to get to spring, although he wouldn't have been upset at an extended winter if it stayed the same as it has recently.

"I think it was last year somebody told me that spring was their favourite season," says Lilley. "It's so rare, we don't really always get it. Sometimes, it's just winter and all of a sudden it's +30."

Whether spring arrives early or winter hangs on later than expected, it's fair to say that Larry was probably shocked at how warm it's been throughout the season so far.