The Portage la Prairie School Division has been receiving plenty of funding and is also spending a lot of it in our area to help the local economy. 

Division Board Trustee Tracey Asham says upgrades have been made to schools and they use local companies for the work whenever possible. 

"We did do a lot of capital upgrades in the last little while," says Asham. "We did PCI underpinning, and roof and boiler replacement at PCI and Crescentview Schools. There have been grooming rooms done at both at Yellowquill, North Memorial and Crescentview Schools. There are new classrooms and new daycare and community outreach at North Memorial, and new windows and doors at most of the schools."

She explains an expansion of the high-speed Internet was made as well as wide area network for $400,000. Asham notes this includes Oakville School.

"So, lots of money invested in our schools, they're well-maintained, and regularly updated."

Asham adds the technology side of things includes an upcoming Internet Child Exploitation (ICE) Unit that is presenting on May 3rd at PCI.

"It's for anybody using the Internet. in terms of being careful, security and safety," says Asham.

The event will take place at PCI on May 3 as well as Oakville on another date.