Farmers were concerned several weeks ago about the rain and how that would affect their season this year. We caught up with Craig Finnie of Finnie and Wishart Farms Limited.

He says this week has seen many of his crops coming along quite well. 

"Some of them are a little bit late," says Finnie. "Some of the canola didn't survive to build after that. We had a couple of really hard, pounding rains with three inches, or something like that. So, we got some drowned-out patches and some places where it's not coming at all. What is coming looks pretty good right now."

He explains crops may not completely catch up with previous years' yields.

"Some of the earlier seeded props are normal," continues Finnie. "Some of the last crops we seeded might be a little bit late, but it all depends on the weather in the fall. It probably should turn out okay."

Finnie says they farm wheats, canola, corn, soybeans and a few edible beans. 

"If we get some nice warm weather from now on, things will catch up and we've got a lot of moisture," adds Finnie. "We probably don't need any more rain for a while, but it sounds like we'll likely get a few showers. As long as it doesn't pour or hail, we'll be okay."