The draw has been made and this year's bin winner is Ron Theroux of St. Claude. The Farmer Appreciation lunch has been good to the family as Ron's wife was the winner close to a decade ago. Ron's name came out of the draw from the 10 finalists at 8:10am this morning. (hear the interview with Ron at the bottom of this story)


This year's CFRY 920 Country 93.1 Farmer's Appreciation Lunch once again featured the giveaway of a Meridian bin. While many prizes were given away at the event, the grand prize draw for the bin will be made live on the air at 8:10 am today.

RSM for Meridian Mike Webb shares a bit about the bin and how they've been involved in this prize for several years. 

"This year, we're giving away the GM 23," says Webb. "It holds 2,300 bushels and is 14-foot diameter. It's one of those quick bins, so if you need it, it can be moved fairly quickly. It's easy to use. and you don't need an auger that's high to use it. It's good quality. It's perfect for if you're in a pinch and you need some storage."

Win the BinNoah Fuchs shows off how big the bin is

Webb notes it's been about 25 years that they've been giving away bins.

"It's a privilege to serve and help the farmers and give back every once in a while," continues Webb. "It's very humbling to be able to do that. Farmers really appreciate giving one of these deals. The couple that won it in Portage we're very, very happy."

He adds there's not enough anyone can say about the farmers. 

"They do so much work in so little time," says farmers. "With the stress that they go through, we have nothing but thanks for those guys."

10 names were chosen from the draw box on air at 7:10 am. One of these 10 people will win when we make the draw at 8:10 am.

  1. Ron Theroux - St. Claude
  2. Kelly Ronald - Portage
  3. Mervin Waldner - Oakville
  4. Bruce Brown - Portage
  5. Eric Bueckert - Rossendale
  6. Charlie Murray - Portage
  7. Bob Galbraith - Oakville
  8. Lyle McDonald - Portage
  9. Cam Stewart - Portage
  10. Kathleen Cann - Rural Portage

Donald Toms of Amaranth shared his expertise and noted that one bushel of wheat produces 42 loaves of bread. This means that this bin would hold enough wheat to produce 96,000 loaves of bread.